All PA-First Net Events

CCAP IT Quarterly Meeting 9/9/2014
PANENA Fall Conference 9/10/2014
Fayette County Convention 9/12/2014
Carbon County Convention 9/13/2014
Elk County Convention 9/17/2014
Clarion County Convention 9/18/2014
PEMA Annual Conference 9/20/2014
PA-NJ Deployment Partnership Meeting 9/23/2014
Northampton County Convention 9/26/2014
Beaver County Convention 10/17/2014
Meeting with Allegheny County 9-1-1 Chief 10/20/2014
Forest County Commissioners meeting 10/23/2014
Montgomery County Commissioners meeting 10/28/2014
Erie County Council meeting 11/5/2014
Juniata County Convention 11/7/2014
Philadelphia Police Commissioner Briefing 11/7/2014
Southeastern PA Emergency Response Group Executive Board Meeting 11/7/2014
Venango County Commission meeting 11/17/2014
City of Philadelphia PA-FirstNet meeting 11/19/2014
Meeting with City of Pittsburgh, Public Safety Director 11/21/2014
County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania 11/25/2014
PA Communications Operations Committee Quarterly Meeting 12/3/2014
PA Emergency Health Services Council Briefing 12/4/2014
Huntingdon County Commissioners Meeting 12/17/2014
Crawford County Commissioners 12/17/2014
Adams County COG Meeting 12/18/2014
Warren County Commissioners meeting 12/22/2014
Millcreek Township Executives 12/23/2014
Southcentral PA Regional Task Force 1/9/2015
Monroe County Commissioners 1/13/2015
Wayne County Commissioners Meeting 1/14/2015
Southcentral Mountain Task Force 1/14/2015
Sullivan County Commissioners Meeting 1/21/2015
Northwest Central Emergency Response Group 1/22/2015
Susquehanna County Commissioners Meeting 1/22/2015
Potter County Commissioners Meeting 1/22/2015
Clarion County Commissioners 1/23/2015
MACINAC Public Safety Broadband Workshop 1/28/2015
PA FIRSTNET Webinar 2/3/2015
PEMA Central Area Quarterly Training 2/4/2015
Elk County Commissioners Briefing 2/10/2015
Fulton County Commissioners Meeting 2/11/2015
Lancaster County Commissioners Briefing 2/12/2015
PA-FirstNet Southeast Regional Workshop 2/13/2015
PA-FirstNet Northwest Central Regional Workshop 2/20/2015
North Central Region Emergency Response Group Webinar 2/25/2015
Erie County Association of Township Officials 2/26/2015
Schuykill County Commissioners Meeting 3/4/2015
Northumberland County Commissioners Meeting 3/4/2015
PA-Firstnet Southcentral Regional Workshop 3/6/2015
Northwestern PA Emergency Response Group 3/10/2015
PA-FirstNet South Central Mountain Regional Workshop 3/13/2015
Northeast Region Emergency Response Group 3/18/2015
Westmoreland County PA-FirstNet Briefing 3/27/2015
Centre County Convention 3/31/2015
Berks County Commissioners Meeting 3/31/2015
Lawrence County Commissioners Briefing 4/1/2015
Mercer County Commissioners Meeting 4/1/2015
PA-FirstNet North Central Regional Workshop 4/2/2015
Firemen's Association of the State of PA Executive Board meeting 4/10/2015
PA-FirstNet Northeast Regional Workshop 4/17/2015
Union County Commissioners Meeting 4/21/2015
PA State Association of Township Supervisors: Annual Educational Conference 4/21/2015
2015 PA APCO Conference 4/22/2015
PA East Central Regional Task Force Briefing 4/23/2015
York County Commissioners Meeting 4/27/2015
Armstrong County Spring Convention 4/28/2015
PA NENA Eastern Region Meeting 4/29/2015
PA-FirstNet East Central Regional Workshop 4/30/2015
Blair County Convention 4/30/2015
Clearfield County Convention 5/1/2015
Columbia County Commissioners Briefing 5/6/2015
PA NENA Western Region 5/7/2015
Somerset County Convention 5/7/2015
Indiana County Convention 5/8/2015
Pennsylvania Career Fire Chiefs Association 5/13/2015
PA-FirstNet Southwestern Regional Workshop 5/14/2015
Armstrong County Commissioners Briefing 5/27/2015
PA-FirstNet Northwestern Regional Workshop 5/28/2015
PSCR Broadband Stakeholders Meeting 6/3/2015
Pike County Commissioners Briefing 6/9/2015
PA Emergency Health Services Council Board of Directors meeting 6/10/2015
Southwestern PA Emergency Response Group Meeting 6/18/2015
McKean County Commissioners Briefing 6/30/2015
Indiana County Commissioners Briefing 7/1/2015
PA Telephone Association Annual Convention 7/15/2015
Lycoming County Commissioners' Briefing 7/20/2015
Luzerne County Commissioners' Briefing 7/28/2015
Blair County Commissioners Briefing 8/20/2015
Allegheny County Council Briefing 9/8/2015
Keystone Chapter of NENA Annual Conference 9/16/2015
Energy Association of Pennsylvania 9/17/2015
Venango County Convention 9/30/2015
Wayne County Convention 10/7/2015
Snyder County Convention 10/7/2015
McKean County Convention 10/8/2015
Lebanon County Convention 10/8/2015
Fulton County Convention 10/12/2015
Columbia County Convention 10/14/2015
Susquehanna County Convention 10/15/2015
Greene County Convention 10/15/2015
Forest County Convention 10/21/2015
Erie County Convention 10/22/2015
Monroe County Convention 10/22/2015
Butler County Commissioners Briefing 10/28/2015
Butler County Convention 10/28/2015
Mercer County Convention 10/29/2015
PA State Agency Outreach Webinar 11/10/2015
PA-FirstNet PSAP Directors Information Webinar 11/12/2015
Southeastern Regional Meeting 2/18/2016
Southcentral Regional Meeting 3/11/2016
PA APCO 2016 Conference 4/18/2016
PSATS Annual Educational Conference and Trade Show 4/18/2016
Southcentral Mountain Regional Meeting 5/4/2016
Northwestern Regional Meeting 6/21/2016
Northwest Central Regional Meeting 6/22/2016
Southwestern Regional Meeting 6/23/2016
North Central Regional Meeting 6/29/2016
Philadelphia CIO Meeting 7/14/2016
Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Meeting 7/14/2016
East Central Regional Meeting 8/30/2016
PA NENA Annual Conference 9/15/2016
PA Professional Fire Fighters Association Educational Conference 10/10/2016
FirstNet Metropolitan Leadership Briefing 12/6/2016
PA-FirstNet Northeast Region Workshop 3/13/2017
PA APCO 2017 Annual Conference 4/2/2017
2017 Pennsylvania EMS Conference 9/20/2017